COVID 19 has had an unprecedented impact on all of us.  As we wait for medical advancements to continuously help keep us all healthy and safe, Southwest Florida’s number one priority must be getting people back to work.  Reopening the economy to restore jobs, save local businesses, and bringing economic relief to our families and community is critical as we continue to find our way in this new COVID-19 world.


Friends of Jason Maughan is a Conservative advocacy organization fighting for solutions to the issues that consistently threaten our families, businesses, and way of life.



It’s time to get businesses open and jobs restored.  Small business is the backbone of the American economy.  Jason supports “Shop Local,” and a plan for protecting our small businesses from outside companies that don’t pay sales taxes or support our local economy.  In addition, Jason believes in:

✅ Reducing the Florida corporation tax
✅ Cutting bureaucratic red tape
✅ Deregulating overburdened industries to unleash Florida’s economic potential
✅ Bringing back manufacturing jobs from China



Support President Trump’s Agenda

Jason fully supports President’s Trump agenda and building upon the President’s economic successes.


Immigration Reform

Jason stands with President Trump in working to stop illegal immigration.  Standing squarely opposed to sanctuary cities, Jason knows the strain a constant influx of illegal immigrants has become to our safety and on our infrastructure.


2nd Amendment Rights

An avid gun rights advocate, Jason said “Not on my watch,” when our 2nd Amendment Rights were being threatened.  Gun ownership is a civil right and we must remain vigilant in the defense of the second amendment as liberals consistently seek to demonize guns and gun owners.


We have a duty to protect the unborn.  Jason opposes public funding for Planned Parenthood.

Home Rule

Defend the right of your city to represent you on specific local matters, leave the cities to their citizens.  Support Governor DeSantis across the board on his agenda for Florida’s fiscal security & success.


Clean water is Non-Negotiable!  Our water quality is a vital part of Southwest Florida’s way of life and a key to our economy.  Jason has been at the forefront of fighting for water quality including advising groups advocating to send the water south from Lake Okeechobee and pushing to expedite necessary water quality projects.  Jason has had success in:

✅ Developing a water treatment plant to clean nutrient pollution
✅ Centralized sewers
✅ Protecting shorelines from coastal erosion
✅ Perhaps most importantly, Jason is not supported by nor will he take money from big sugar.


Friends of Jason Maughan is a private, not-for-profit political committee established to: educate and inform the electorate in Florida; promote conservative principles; promote awareness of clean water initiatives, encourage the reduction or elimination of unnecessary government regulations; and encourage the protection of individual constitutional liberties. The Committee is empowered, subject to applicable state law, to solicit and accept voluntary contributions, to expend such contributions to engage in research and to further the support and election of candidates for elective public office in Florida whose views, voting records, or positions indicate a favorable orientation toward some or all of these purposes, and to do such other things consistent with the foregoing and with Florida law. The Committee is also empowered to make contributions, within limits approved by Florida law, to candidates and other committees supporting candidates or issues in the State of Florida.

The Committee was established in 2020 by Jason Maughan of Lee County. All of its contributions and expenditures are accessible by the public via this website.


Jason Maughan is associated with the committee.